Wednesday, 24 February 2016

So this month I bought some dice...

A short post this week I'm afraid, due to an incredibly packed schedule and a lot of time spent preemptively compiling next week's offering, as it's going to be a long one (with lots of history and everything!), however it comes with a very hearty product recommendation for a third-party company.

So this month I purchased some new dice.
Not a shocking revelation considering I am a tabletop wargamer, I will admit, however I felt they were worth mentioning since I bought them from an independent company based out of Australia (the aptly-named 'Dice of War' -, and the results were really very pleasing.

From what I can gather scouring the catalog, Dice of War specialise in making dice with historical military logos on; I of course gravitated immediately towards Commando themed dice (pictured below), which are black with the red WWII Commando logo emblazoned proudly over the '6' side.

This highlights straight away one of the key strengths of Dice of War's products; a lot of dice companies, for reasons I cannot begin to fathom (including Games Workshop), insist on printing the special symbol on the '1' facing, meaning that the logo of the army you're representing suddenly becomes the symbol of failure rather than success. Being able to roll a die and have your army symbol come up tops is a much more satisfying experience than rolling your specially-made Imperial Guard dice with an Imperial Aquila counter-intuitively embossed upon the '1' facing, to have them all come up Aquilas as you fail all your saves and die horribly in the name of The Emperor. It's not noble, it isn't glorious, and the Big E doesn't appreciate your sacrifice. It's just ironic, and kind of sad really...

Ready and waiting to kick some arse! After a nice spot of tea first, of course...
The dice that I received are already proving themselves a worthy purchase. They roll evenly, with no one number coming up with a particularly greater frequency than another, and are nicely weighted as well (not too light or too heavy). Pretty much everything one wants from dice, these little fellas are willing to provide.

It's also worth noting that service, despite having to be sent all the way from Down Undah, was prompt and didn't cost a ridiculous amount of money. In addition, the man in charge, Adam Brooker, regularly posts in the Bolt Action Facebook group ( and is perfectly happy to answer queries; even my more annoying ones about whether he's likely to print some 21st Century Commando themed dice or not!

So to sum; very much enjoying this purchase, came with great customer service that I would highly recommend and will be happy to buy from again in the future!

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